Iron Maiden Wheel Cleaner

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A higher constraint for a better clean. Iron Maiden Wheel Cleaner turns purple on contact and removes the iron deposits and brake dust from your rims, tires, suspension and even body panels. It is PH neutral and safe for any type of wheel.

  • Higher concentrate which will give a better clean
  • PH neutral and completely safe to use on any type of wheel
  • Turns purple when it reacts to brake dust, iron deposits and other contaminates
  • It is very satisfying to watch and makes for great photos on your vehicle’s social media page
  • Thanks to its extra strength, you hardly need to put any elbow grease into scrubbing
  • It can also be used on tires, brakes, suspension and even body panels
  • Best of all, it’s Australian made and tested


    1. Rinse wheels with a sharp stream of water to soften tough grime and remove loose dirt.
    2. Spray Iron Maiden Wheel Cleaner on wheels, tires, brakes and suspension.
    3. Sit back and watch your wheel turn purple for a few minutes.
    4. For the best result, give the wheels a gentle brush to help loosen more grime.
    5. Rinse away all the grime and purple wheel cleaner residue with a sharp stream of water.
    6. Once you are done cleaning, wipe over the wheels with a dry cloth and step back to take in the shine.